Withdraw Methods

Manual Withdraw Request from Vendors

Vendors can manually request to withdraw their earnings. For that, the admin needs to enable the “Manual Withdraw Process” from Vendor Dashboard–> Settings–> Withdraw Options–> Disbursement Schedule Settings.

this is a screenshot of Disbursement Schedule Settings

Now, vendors can request to withdraw earnings. However, they need to request the amount within the withdraw threshold.

To manually request to withdraw earnings, the vendor needs to go to Vendor Dashboard–> Withdraw. There, they need to click the Request Withdraw button.

this is a screenshot of request withdraw

You will get a pop-up where you need to add the withdraw amount and the payment method.

A default payment method will be selected but vendors can change the payment method from the dropdown box.

Hit the Submit Request button to finish.

If the request is successful, then the vendor will see that the request is created successfully.

Vendors can see the request below,

this is a screenshot of request tab

How to Choose a Scheduled Disbursement as a Vendor

If the admin chooses multiple scheduled disbursment methods, then vendors can choose a schedule from the list as per they wish.

Vendors need to click on the Edit Schedule option from the vendor dashboard,

this is a screenshot of edit schedule

Then choose the desired schedule option from the pop-up window, lastly click on the Change Schedule button to finish.

In the pop-up window vendors will be able to see the next scheduled date for disbursement.

this is a screenshot of pop-up window schedule

Vendors will see the next schedule in the vendor dashboard.

this is a screenshot of pending request

A seller can select their comfortable withdrawal method from the drop-down box on withdraw page.

This image shows withdraw-method

Minimum Limit

Seller must have a minimum limit to make a withdrawal request. The Vendor will set the minimum balance for seller to make a withdrawal request.

Withdraw Approve Notification

Seller will get e-mail notification when his withdraw request gets approved by the HiveMind Press team.

This image shows withdraw-approved