HiveMind Press

Our mission is to help writers engage with creativity as a consistent part of their lifestyle and assist them to reach their creative goals. 

Our Approach

Our focus is on cultivating a positive creative community. We are a proud supported self-publisher that offers a comprehensive publishing experience, majority profit returns, and full creative control of your project.  

Our Values

Empathy - "Having a Voice Means Needing to Listen"
We empower individual voices, internally as well as externally. That means that we must treat everyone with respect and openness, especially if their perspective differs from our own.
Community - "Excite, Unite, Inspire!"
We want our ideas to be exciting! We want our systems to unite creators in such a way they are equipped to inspire others in the community and maximise their creativity.
Commercial - "No More Starving Artist!"
Creators always receive a majority of the profit for their work. We want to create opportunities for writers to achieve a level of commercial sustainability from their work.
Flexibility - "Go with the Flow; Be the Flow!"
Always take care of yourself. We get it; life happens. Family issues, tragedy, and the pesky unforeseen happen to all of us. We are flexible with accommodating these conditions: your wellbeing is our number one priority.
Passion - "Passion is Prerequisite."
For anything in life, but especially true for creation, passion is a must. The people in HiveMind are passionate and it’s our responsibility to nurture that into a focused energy directed towards their individual success.

Our Services

Creative Development & Accountability

The HiveMind Creative Accountability program is designed to provide you with creative practices that you can incorporate into your lifestyle. Let us help you negotiate the demands that pull you away from creativity and work to establish a more creative lifestyle.


Our publication services deliver commercial quality products tailored to your vision. Let us assist you through the process in a step-by-step way that leaves you feeling calm and free to focus on your creativity.

Sales & Distribution

You are welcome to use our publication services and distribute the title yourself, but if you would like to join our distribution network, we'll reward you with 70% NET profit from your sales.