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Hey! Let's talk about creativity.

My name is Blake and I started HiveMind Press to help writers navigate the creative process towards publication. I am passionate about helping others with their creative mission and bringing their vision to life. I read history and English literature. I have been an independent creative for over 10 years and understand the challenges of this often isolating journey. I hope that, whatever stage in your creative journey, you're here to learn and help others celebrate in our shared success.

Together with Peter Cappechi, our Creative Director, we lead the core team at HiveMind. Peter is a lifelong creator and producer with a love for collaboration. With professional experience in the audio/video world for over a decade, Peter knows how to spark creativity and manage creative projects. Working on everything from low budget independent films to billboard topping albums, he has learned how to navigate all creative environments and is excited to share that knowledge with you.

I want to help creators achieve. Achieve what? That’s up to you. It could be achieving better creative consistency between the demands of everyday-life. Or a focused desire to write ‘the next Harry Potter’. Whatever your goals may be, we aim to make creativity more accessible and offer assistance in a variety of ways.

HiveMind Press is a community centric supported self-publisher. We help writers maintain consistent effort on their creative vision by helping them set and achieve the incremental goals necessary to complete it. We provide affordable high-quality publishing services to independent writers as-well-as sales and distribution channels should the writer choose to utilise them. We are an infinite learning organisation always seeking to be stronger in our services for creatives. Our values include:

Empathy - "Having a Voice Means Needing to Listen"

We empower individual voices, internally as well as externally. That means that we must treat everyone with respect and openness, especially if their perspective differs from our own.

Community - "Excite, Unite, Inspire!"

We want our ideas to be exciting! We want our systems to unite creators in such a way they are equipped to inspire others in the community and maximise their creativity.

Commercial - "No More Starving Artist!"

Creators always receive a majority of the profit for their work. We want to create opportunities for writers to achieve a level of commercial sustainability from their work.

Flexibility - "Go with the Flow; Be the Flow!"

Always take care of yourself. We get it; life happens. Family issues, tragedy, and the pesky unforeseen happen to all of us. We are flexible with accommodating these conditions: your wellbeing is our number one priority.

Passion - "Passion is Prerequisite."

For anything in life, but especially true for creation, passion is a must. The people in HiveMind are passionate and it’s our responsibility to nurture that into a focused energy directed towards their individual success.

What is the HiveMind Creative Community?

My vision is to develop a bustling digital environment of like-minded creatives engaging with one another's projects and encouraging each other in consistent progression on achieving their creative mission. The HiveMind Creative Community is based in Discord. It is a combination of voice and text channels that stimulate engagement with creativity with regularly posted content, professional networking, promotional opportunities, exclusive events, and more.

Our publishing services are tailored to your vision for your project. Our service is professional and the quality of our products is equal to that of the big publishers. They're comprehensive, so no matter what your project requires to elevate it from its current stage to a completed manuscript we've got you covered. You can choose to use any of our services and not continue with HiveMind at any point - that's my commitment to our mission. But if you would like access to our national and international sales reach, we're happy to help you navigate any complication you may experience.

HiveMind Sales & Distribution is based on a print on demand service. We are able to list your title in a range of different retailers all over the world - you can see the full list on our distribution page. We're able to offer cost price printing to the author for their copies, and in exeptional cases will fund a bulk printing 'initial run' of a title. Independent authors who choose to use our sales and distribution services will recieve 70% of the NET profits for their sales. The largest return for our authors are purchases made directly from our bookstore; this amount decreases the more retailers or distributors we have to involve to complete the order.

Creating with HiveMind is like having your own dedicated publishing team. It allows you to increase your accountability around engaging with creativity. It puts you in the position of the reviewer as you make critical decisions on our submissions of cover design, artwork, internal design and promotional wording. I don't want to say "it's easy" because good things take hard work and focus, but HiveMind certainly makes it more comfortable for you to complete your project.

We are young and we are driven to help creators channel their energy into consistent progression and complete more projects. I am hopeful about the growth of our positive and respectful creative community with you a part of it!