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Warrior Womyn – Special Edition

This is the absolute ‘Cadillac’ of books. The hardcover, felt wrapped, 150gsm fine-art interior paper, ribbon bookmarked, personally signed(!!!) first print edition is going to be a fantastic treat to your collection. Milly has poured herself into this project and what better way to commemorate all her hard work with this special edition of Warrior Womyn: Arise From The Ashes with an individualised signature from Milly herself!

Milly Taylor, in her debut publication, takes us on a journey through blind love, mistrust, abuse, and escape to arrive at an enlightened awakening of a new self. This collection is a raw account of the emotions at play over years of searching for her own true-self against external forces slowly corroding her internal values. Milly expresses themes of nurturing a decaying love, fits of passionate rediscovered anger, and a burning need to live authentically all packed into beautiful freeform verse. The contribution of artwork by Kate Gillett complements these themes well as these two individuals take you through their experience of ‘sistered-healing’ as they walk hand-in-hand away from the compromise of others, and into the warm embrace of you.

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