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Under the Shade

Until now EDEE had only known the magical peace of his childhood – consumed with adoration for his only love, TILDA, when his father disappears and Edee is thrust into the responsibilities of being an adult; where there’s little time to dream. The story of Edee, Australia’s first bushman in the truest sense, and his quest into the underknown to find his missing father leads the narrative of this novel.

Alongside this arc is the battle between WALKEN and BUNYIP in the mythical ‘world above and around’. Walken had created the world in a place beyond the scope of time. Where things were peaceful, and a balance existed between all things. When, on accident, she created Bunyip, who right away began to cause trouble and disrupt the established harmony. At first, he makes himself comfortable and clears a plot of land to call his own. But things quickly escalate when he realises, he can feed of the energy of other reincarnating human spirits before they return to earth.

Edee, back in the physical world, encounters a terrible invading force. The rivers are flowing weaker, disease is spreading, and murders are at the highest they’ve ever been. Captain WILMORE, the fat red-suited commander, rides around the newly settled town like he owns the lot and everyone in it – subjects of his domain. The Captain and his troopers are merciless agents of the law, using it at will to conquest and dominate the surrounding communities.



What happened to the jolly swagman after he jumped into that billabong?

Story is a key element of breaking down perception and exploring unconscious bias. It is through narrative that we can humanise, identify, and relate with the experiences of a character as a reminder of our innate empathy for one-another. Story is also key to easing the population along the journey of historical acceptance. It is up to all of us to act against the inequalities that still exist, on all levels of society, between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

This story is the coming of age adventure of Edee, desperate to find his missing father, forced to leave his first love, Tilda, and honour his duty to the community. Meanwhile, an invading force is spreading its cancerous roots and violently eliminating nearby Nations in search of a magical gem that can harness universal power. Society is crumbling around Edee – the rivers flow weaker; disease is spreading; murders at an all-time high, and the song of the earth is beginning to fade.

This book will challenge you to read differently, to think differently. We implore you, embrace the unfamiliar and unite in the strength of its difference.

To listen to Blake’s Q & A about the story, go to – or feel free to ask your own!

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