HiveMind's Mission

We want to create an opportunity for creators to achieve a level of commercial independence from their work. We do so by providing our writers with a majority of the profits for their work, and provide a range of professional services to complete their project. When working with HiveMind, the final creative authority is always with the creator.

HiveMind exists to help writers complete, produce, and distribute their stories. When you work with HiveMind, it’s like having your own personal publishing assistant. We offer a complete experience tailored to the author based on their circumstances and creative motivations – even if that means getting the work ready for a AAA publisher. 


Creative Development


A friendly voice in your ear to remind you that creativity, like anything worth preserving, must be practiced regularly. We work with you to determine what your creative mission is and how we can provide the right structures around you to maintain your own accountability. 

Are you aiming to write 500 words minimum a week? Maybe you want to increase you posting on social media for your writing brand? Or are you just looking to have someone check-in with you from time-to-time to see how everything is going. HiveMind will create a custom accountability system for you to ensure you are focus and driven. 

Time Management

We help you organise your time and set an achieveable weekly schedule to practice your craft consistently. As creatives we need to provide ourselves with the necessities: food, shelter, water, Netflix, wine… And this can often mean we go and get a job. Then, as things pick up, we may start to lose that creative voice and forget why we got the job in the first place. 

HiveMind helps with the professional practices around being a creator. We teach the importance of setting regular time to create against the momentum of everyday-life, as-well-as the total isolation and focus that is required during this time to be effective.   

Goal Setting

What is your metric for success? 

A critical component of self-managed creativity is setting realistic goals that challenge us to the brink of our own impossibility. It is so important that we don’t set out to write a novel, but have a clear plan to write a word-a-day.

Whether you have your eyes set preparing for a multi-million dollar publishing contract, or a just few copies for your Granddad – we’re by your side. 


Editorial Review

Even if you’re not ready for publication it can be good to see where you stand and where to go next. Our editorial review process will provide critical feedback for your work in its current state and suggest further action based on our assessment. 

Cover Design

There are two main elements to creating your cover; 1) the artwork or image used as the background, and 2) the layout of that image, the title, subtitle, barcode, blurb, barcode placement and spine design. 

Our graphic designers can help develop a concept you have in mind, or alter existing images to create your unique cover design. We ensure that all visual creative licencing is maintained with full integrity and ownership history. 


This is where we place your internal text and any additional artwork you’d like in your book. We treat this process as meticulously as our publishing forebearers, placing each letter in its right place to give your book a great aesthetic. The placement and style of your internal text, be it for a novel, poetry, or professional document, makes a tremendous difference in how it is received by your audience. 

Our diligent team put in the extra effort and attention to detail so you don’t have to. You take charge with leading the specifications and review process, while we manage the application of your amendments. 

Print & eBook Formatting

Now we’ve got all the content sorted, it’s time to format the files for either print or electronic distribution. This can be a fiddly process once you’ve met the requirements of various platforms to host your title, but we can take care of it in one easy hit. 

Blurb Writing

You’ve just spent months or years expanding on your brilliant idea – now it’s time to condense it into a paragraph or two. This can be a hard-ask for the author, being so close to the project itself. Our professionals, with a fresh and objective eye, can provide you with a strong marketing blurb for the back of your book.



You need someone to read of your work and look for things that standout or stumble the writing in some way. Things like incorrect grammar, punctuation, tone, and the general flow of the work. 

Structural Edit

This is where we make larger comments on the theme structure of your work and make suggestions based on the macro aspects of your work. In this process, you can expect some re-writes and discussion around the placement of the themes in your work and how they work together to communicate the message of your work. 

Line (Copy) Edit

The most fastidious process of the entire run. Here, we carefully confirm the state of each character in each line of your typeset manuscript. This is one of the last technical processes we apply to your work to ensure that we’re producing your work to the highest standard. 

Choose Your Editor


The best for the budget and a great opportunity to help a literary enthusiast in their career. 

We partner your work with one of our entry level editors for your reivew.

Post-Grad (Ph.D)

A keen eye for detail and someone well-versed in the do’s and don’t of literature.

We partner your work with a seasoned literali.

Professional Editor

You want the top of the range for your work. Qualified professional editors (aE certified, ACES certified) ONLY!

We partner your work with qualified professional editors.

Sales & Distribution

Award Applications

We assist our published authors with applications to awards of their choice. The process can be daunting and sometimes, as the writer, the dense content that’s required can prove a tideous task. HiveMind works with authors in any capacity they choose to assist with awards applications. 

Sales Management & Distribution

HiveMind automates the sales and order processing for you. 

HiveMind Distribution