Sales & Distribution

Sales Management & Distribution

HiveMind automates the sales and order processing for you. We generally print-on-demand for our titles, meaning when we recieve an order we will print out your title in the country of that customer and ship it from there. 

There are no minimums for our printing. This means that, once we’ve determined the author’s cost-price, you’re free to order as many as you like and sell them directly – pocketing any profit inbetween. This can be a great option for events and in-person sales. 

We prefer customers shop through our online bookstore to unlock the greatest return for our Independent Authors; but this does not limit our reach. We have relationships with retailers all over the world and give our Independent Authors full control of where their title is distributed.

Award Applications

We assist our published authors with applications to awards of their choice. The process can be daunting and sometimes, as the writer, the dense content that’s required can prove a tideous task. HiveMind works with authors in any capacity they choose to assist with awards applications. 

HiveMind Distribution