A friendly voice in your ear to remind you that creativity, like anything worth preserving, must be practiced regularly. We work with you to determine the right structures for you to maintain the consistent progress necessary to complete your creative project. 

Whether your set on trade publishing or just want to refine your writing, HiveMind Accountability program is right for you!


Our publication services can take any bland word document and turn it into the book of your absolute dreams.

Even if you’re not ready for publication it can be good to see where you stand and where to go next. Our editorial review process will provide critical feedback for your work in its current state and suggest further action based on our assessment. 

We also don’t mind if you just want to use a few of our services to get your project where it needs to go and not progress with HiveMind – you’re totally free to pick and choose exactly what’s right for you.

Sales & Distribution

We assist our published authors with applications to awards, reviews, and competitions of their choice. You are welcome to use our publication services and distribute the title yourself, but if you would like to join our distribution network, we’ll reward you with 70% NET profit from your sales. 

The process can be daunting and sometimes, as the writer, the dense content that’s required can prove a tideous task. HiveMind works with authors in any capacity they choose to assist with awards applications.