Our Services

HiveMind Press offers a wide range of services to support your publishing journey. Whether you need help with typesetting, cover design, formatting for print and e-books, or exploring distribution options, we've got you covered. We offer printing and POD options, allowing you to distribute your work through the HiveMind Bookstore and other leading retailers. Plus, we offer creative development services, coaching, and seminars to help you reach your full potential as a creator.

Creative Development

Before the actual writing begins, there's a vital phase of conceptualization and planning that shapes the trajectory of the work. We provide support in this early stage, offering services like brainstorming sessions, plot development, character creation, and research assistance. Our aim is to help authors transform their initial ideas into a comprehensive plan for their manuscript.


Community and Networking

Our primary service is providing a robust, user-friendly platform for independent creators to independently publish their work. This platform is designed to facilitate the whole process, from manuscript submission to the distribution of the final product. We foster a sense of collaboration and camaraderie among our creators, offering a space for mutual support, feedback exchange, and shared learning.

Book Production

At HiveMind Press, we provide an all-encompassing book production service to ensure your creation is brought to life with the highest attention to detail. Our typesetting team meticulously arranges text and images on each page, taking into account typeface, font size, line spacing, and margin sizes to deliver a crisp and reader-friendly layout. The magic continues as our design team transforms your vision into a captivating book cover that accurately represents your genre and content.

We also advise on paper selection and print quality, ensuring that your chosen paper weight, quality, and color complements your work perfectly. Whether you prefer a glossy or matte finish, white or cream paper, we deliver a premium print quality that aligns with your expectations. Our team also provides guidance on binding choices that suit the type and purpose of your book, offering options like perfect binding, saddle stitching, and spiral binding among others.

We take pride in our commitment to quality. As such, every detail from typography to image resolution and color fidelity undergoes rigorous scrutiny during our quality check process. To ensure a seamless transition to the final print, we provide print-ready files that are compatible with both print and digital formats. These files are designed to meet the specifications of all major self-publishing platforms, providing flexibility and convenience for our authors.

Print-On-Demand and E-Book Distribution

We use a print-on-demand model, which ensures your book is always available to your readers without the need for large upfront print runs. This also means that there is no project 'too small' for our services. We also facilitate the creation and distribution of e-books across multiple platforms.


Editorial Services

Together with our partners, Capstone Editing, we offer professional editing and proofreading services to ensure that your work is polished and free of errors. Our editorial team is skilled in different styles and genres to bring out the best in your manuscript.

Sales and Royalty Tracking

Our platform includes a dashboard where independent creators can easily track their book sales, revenues, and control their royalty payments. This transparency is part of our commitment to ensuring creators are the primary beneficiaries of their work.

Marketing and Promotion

We understand that creating a book is only half the battle - getting it into the hands of readers is the other half. Our marketing and promotion services are designed to help you increase your book's visibility and attract readers. This includes strategies like social media promotion, press releases, and book reviews.


Support & Guidance

At HiveMind Press, we offer a nurturing support service that provides guidance to writers at all stages of their creative journey. With a team of experienced professionals, we provide tailored advice, resources, and hands-on assistance to empower each writer's unique path. Through a collaborative environment, we strive to foster continuous learning, exchange of ideas, and inspiration, thereby equipping our writers with the necessary tools and knowledge to transform their creative vision into reality.