Creator – Mark Patrick


Why HiveMind?

I hope that we’re all capable of significant change. All we all need is to understand how to do it and the reasons why we need to do it. I’ve led a life with a huge curiosity in exploring mindsets and how to facilitate change within people. Being an older Koori Man from NSW, and never backward in coming forward, I have been subjected to bigotry and prejudice all my life. However, being also of mixed descent it appears to me that I am a suitable target for all sides, at least that has been my experience. Excellent, equality achieved!?!?. Ah well, what doesn’t kill you, etc.  
🙂 I have committed to working towards making a positive difference in all that I do; from the people I work with, the teams with whom I collaborate, and the individuals, communities and organisations with whom I interact. My friends and family know very well I never take a backward step, even when making changes to myself I lean into them.
The scope of my knowledge, skills and decades of experiences enables me to work with confidence across a variety of settings, collaborate with a range of stakeholders, and achieve positive outcomes with an emphasis on achieving sustainable change that improves social outcomes for individuals and communities


Morning Show Host

Noongar Media Enterprises 

Aug 2019 – Present
Presenting (The Breakfast Show 6am-9am Mon-Friday), (DownUnder, Thunder 10am-12am Mon), and (Strong Minds 10am-12am Thurs)


Volunteer Presenter/Live

Noongar Media Enterprises 

Sep 2015 – Present
Broadcaster. Strong Minds talk back show Thursdays10am-12noon WST, a program about mental health.
Live Streaming: Click on your favourite player and listen to Noongar Radio 100.9fm


Here's My Story, so Far

Episode 1

Early Life: My childhood wasn’t any worse than most, but it wasn’t much better either. This 15 minute clip touches on a few things leading up to me getting into the army.

Episode 2

In the Army: The twists and turns that life takes us on are experienced far more rapidly in the army. I felt that I had lived 25 years in my term of service, and that can play tricks on the mind. 

Episode 3

‘Back to Life’: Mental health became a big focus for me. It was important to be able to provide a service to those who were struggling in order to help them through to the other side based on my experiences.

Episode 4

Getting into Radio: It’s been a life-long dream of mine to be a presenter. I love talking with people, playing music, and the volunteer programs I do. For me, it’s about creating a sense of community.


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