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My name is Kate Purcell and I am a force to be reckoned with! I battled mental illness from the age of 13 to 26. And since the age of 26 I have been on quite a journey to find not only wellness, but also to find true peace and happiness, and essentially find myself.

My book ‘Hope Calling’ is the amalgamation of all of my experiences from when I was a young child, right up until recently. The majority of my story talks about my experiences with mental illness and how I overcame mental illness, including tools and notes from hospital admissions. The story doesn’t end there though as there are many captivating twists and turns.

To touch on my experiences with mental illness a little bit more, I suffered with severe anorexia nervosa in my early to late teens, and this struggle was epic. I was hospitalised many times because of this and finally spent a 7-month stint in a psychiatric clinic when I was 16. I managed to overcome my demons and move forward into a life of socialising, taking drugs and raving and this eventually led to another downfall. I experienced anxiety, depression and terrible social phobia and was hospitalised several more times up until the age of 20. I found it very difficult to find the light at the end of the tunnel, once again. Things marginally improved over time but by the time I was 25 I fell into a psychotic state and was eventually diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. From that point on I was on my journey to recovery, which presented me with many more challenges. This included the challenge of building my life up again… as when I was diagnosed I had little more than my immediate family and a roof over my head.

This journey to recovery started when I was 26 and I am now almost 36. The past ten years has seen many milestones reached… including starting to work again, finding love and friendships, and starting a career in the field of mental health. I have also been so incredibly lucky to have had many opportunities to share my story publicly and have mastered my fear of public speaking.

It is because of my intense desire to share my story and give hope to others, that I have written ‘Hope Calling’. I want others to know that there is a way out of illness and disorder, and there is a way out of suffering. I want others to know that even with a mental illness, it is possible to live an incredibly blessed life, and It is possible to be free of your demons. My story demonstrates this.

I am now incredibly happy, and have many wonderful blessings in my life, including work that is fulfilling, love and friendship, and incredible opportunities. I have not let mental illness stop me from achieving immense personal and spiritual growth… and I am in a place where I am very excited about my future before me.

I cannot wait to share my story with you, and I hope it brings you some hope and inspiration.

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