We’ll have a chat and get to know your metric of success. Whether you have your eyes set on a traditional publishing deal, needing help with preparation and review; or you’re looking to put together your grandparent’s memoir as a small-run beautiful keepsake – HiveMind can help. 

You choose our level of involvement. If you would like your word document turned into a novel and then run off into the night – that’s cool with us. We can help just to typeset the interior text to the specifications for printing and ebooks. If you would like help with coordinating orders, production, and distribution logistics after you’ve completed publication – we can help you out and take all the busy work off your plate. We’re trying to build an enthusiastic community of creatives who want to help other creatives, and we’d obviously love you to be a part of that – but at the end of the day we just want to deliever on the expectations set by your metric of success as an independent author.

Yes. Copyright is always 100% with the independent author. 

It’s that simple really. Our mission is to increase the opportunity for creators to achieve a level of commercial sustainability from their creations. For us, that means that the intellectual property and copyright is always with you.

We sure do. Here are a few of them.

Milly Taylor, author of Warrior Womyn: Arise from the Ashes says: 

“Working with HiveMind Press was both nurturing and life altering for me and my creative process. I was supported to explore my potential and gently guided to make my dreams come true. It was so empowering to be partnered with a publisher who listened to my ideas and kept them close to heart as they blossomed into fruition. I feel like the end product is not just a product…its a piece of me being shared with the world in the most authentic way because HiveMind took the time to truly know me and my journey. So much gratitude! “

Tyrown Waigana, author, animator, and 2020 NAIDOC Artist of the Year says: 

“HiveMind Press published my first comic book, they never asked me to change any content or compromise the impact of my story. The process was supportive and informative. What I liked most about the process is that it was person to person, meaning there was no corporate run around where I was continually handballed.”

Jae West, poet and author of The Art of Raw Desire says: 

“HiveMind Press allows new and local artists to get a reach far beyond their friends and family. It makes sharing a message accessible and easy with a great team to help along the way.”

We’re the full-stop-shop.

Our services are split into three main stages we believe provides a comprehensive publishing experience. 

Creative Development (Planning, scheduling, feedback for unfinished work) 

Publication (Transforming a completed manuscript to a published collection/novel)

Sales & Distribution (International print distribution, ebook hosting, marketing consultation, sales strategy)

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As with anything worth doing there is often a cost involved.

You can choose your services and come up with a custom plan with HiveMind. Once you have chosen what services you need to reach your goal, you can choose the delivery date and the payment increment (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) that suits your budget.  

We want you to choose what is right for you. If that is holding out for traditional publishing, we encourage you to do so.

What HiveMind allows you to do is control the outcomes of your creativity on your schedule. We aim to provide creative direction on all submissions and outline clear expectations with deadlines. 

We’re a small team that offer a high-quality professional experience with the same deliverable outcome as traditional publishing. At the moment, our marketing reach and ability to directly assist with event planning and promotion is our weakness – but one that is being quickly addressed right now.

If you publish with us you will become a part of growing something outside of the traditional model and contribute to making HiveMind Press as poossible for future independent authors.  

HiveMind will assign you a graphic designer to work on your cover. Our process for this is, after an initial conversation, present three draft covers with purposefully varied styles and layouts. You will then be able to select the elements that best align with your vision for the cover – and we will produce the first draft. From here, we continue to workshop the cover, adding blurb, spine design, and barcode allocation until we arrive at your expectation. 

The timeline of this process is flexible depending on the number of edits required – however, we believe our process is as efficient as possible in reducing this time. 

The timeline to publish a completed narrative or project to a printable book or ebook is varied. Generally, depending on the services required, it’s fair to expect 12 weeks turnaround. 

We’re proud of the quality we produce and for this reason we will always give a service the time it deserves to be as strong as it can be. 

Your own schedule will also influence the turnaround time, if any further input or editions are needed from you. At HiveMind we work with a range of variables to determine the best way for you to achieve your goals.

We start with an open conversation about your creative mission.

Perhaps you’re the next Jack Davis or J.K. Rowling – destined for a larger partner; or maybe you’re just looking to get a story you’ve carried with you out of your mind to share it with the those who needed to read it. Once we’ve determined your creative mission we’re able to better determine the things you’ll need to reach your goal. 

Once we’ve created your custom plan you can take advantage of a 20% discount and pay the full amount up-front – or set your own custom payment plan with the choice of weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments over a timeframe that suits you. 

We prefer text to be in .docx, or .pages. 

And images in their highest quality .jpg, .tiff, or .pdf. 

We sure do!

We work with any content to form the internal text of your project. That can include a range of style choices in terms of how you would like to balance the images against the text. Our designers work closely with you to set everything just as you would like and are always looking for the best way to merge graphics into the project.

You don’t have to worry too much about formatting your raw submission, we can work with you on the specifics for your document – starting with the dimensions. 

When you submit, you can choose to include detailed notes on placement and formatting styles. This can greatly assist our editorial designers, especially with poetry projects where placement and style are so powerful. 

Our editing process is the same as traditional publishers. Firstly, we investigate what types of editing would be best suited for your work. They include: 

Structural Edit

This is where we look at the larger concepts of your work. Things like the overarching themes, chapter order, sequence placement, as-well-as things like tone, voice, and readability. 

Line (Copy) Edit

This is the finer process that is completed after the internal text is typset in its final format. We go through each line and confirm the individual characters of the text. 

Final Edit & Review

The final stage where everything comes together before we publish. This is where we look at the project as a whole and how the selected elements, styles, and font groups play against each other in the final work. It is also the final opportunity for any last input from the author. 

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HiveMind distribute both print and ebooks to our retail partners listed below.

North America

  • HiveMindPress.com
  • Amazon
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Independent bookstores
  • Walmart.com
  • Target.com
  • Chapters / Indigo (Canada)

Europe & United Kingdom

  • HiveMindPress.com
  • Adlibris
  • Agapea
  • Amazon.co.uk
  • Aphrohead
  • Bertrams
  • Blackwell
  • Book Depository Ltd
  • Books Express
  • Coutts Information Services Ltd
  • Designarta Books
  • Eden Interactive Ltd
  • Foyles
  • Gardners
  • Trust Media Distribution (formerly STL)
  • Mallory International
  • Paperback Shop Ltd
  • Superbookdeals
  • The Book Community Ltd
  • Waterstones
  • Wrap Distribution

Australia and New Zealand

  • HiveMindPress.com
  • Amazon AU
  • Booktopia
  • Fishpond
  • The Nile
  • James Bennett
  • ALS
  • Peter Pal

We print your book on demand in the country of the purchasing customer. 

If you choose to use HiveMind as your sales and distribution partner, your print and ebook will be available internationally. We sell your book into leading retailers around the world, either by print-on-demand or wholesale bulk orders.

We can also sell copies directly to you at cost-price for you to on-sell directly at events, meaning you can just pocket the takings from there. 

We payout profits into PayPal to preserve the security of your information.

You will receive the majority (70%) of the NET profits associated with the sale of your print and ebooks.

For sales through our retail store – HiveMind Press: profits will be paid in 7-14 days of sale. 

For sales through our retail partners: the initial payment of this will be made 90days after the initial transaction from a third-party retailer. And then, profits will be paid in 7-14 days of sales beyond that 90day period. 

Yes. Whether you choose to sell with HiveMind or on your own, you will need an ISBN. The barcode that will appear on the rear cover of your book is generated from this registration. It is used as the universal identifier for your book at retailers across the whole world.