What is HiveMind?

HiveMind exists to assist creators in developing, publishing, marketing, and distributing their work.

We do this by focusing our experience and services on your specific needs. It can help a lot in the creative process to have accountability. When you become a Creator with us HiveMind takes an active involvement in your creative workflow and helps you develop the ideal plan to achieve your goals. Whether it is the story you’ve had with you for 20 years, or the completed manuscript you just don’t know what to do with – we’ve got you covered. 

HiveMind provides Creators with all the necessary intellectual property, copyright, and trademark considerations concerned with facilitating a project towards publication. We work with Creators to design a specific plan for both the project and on-going distribution after its completion. We believe that there are too many good stories out there that get lost in the rigid model of traditional media, and we’re here to help empower you beyond this inflexibility. We work closely with our Creators to enhance their strengths and supplement their weaknesses. 

Our Goal


We provide a range of avenues for Creators to secure funding in order to accelerate their Projects. 

HiveMind treats each project equally. 

We aim to provide Creators with ways to becomes more financially independent so they can complete their creative pursuits. As a Creator you’ll be able to attract your own following of Patrons. Our Active Patron package allows users to contribute regular amounts to a Creator and our Solitude Patron accommodates a one-off donation to a Creator. 

HiveMind also offers Creators access to their own marketplace where they can sell a range of products to fund their creative projects. 

Our Model

HiveMind has adapted a model that rewards Creators with a majority percentage royalty for all of their work.

Traditionally, creators are accessing 10-15% of the associated revenue for their work – and this has to change. The long-term model of HiveMind is to award at least 60% royalties to the Creator, once all associated production fees are satisfied.

Our Accrued Fees model lets Creators who are still establishing and unable to satisfy costs upfront engage with the services of HiveMind. These Accrued fees are split into two categories, Service Fees, and Charge Fees. Service Fees include anything that HiveMind will have to do in order to get your project to production (i.e. development consultation, proof-reading, reading group testing, editing, typesetting, cover design, ISBN registration). Charge Fees include anything that is outside of the services of HiveMind (i.e. a run of print copies of your work, external artwork clearances, venue hire, material purchase). HiveMind will cover the necessary expense and accrue the fee on your account. Please be assured that no accrued fee will ever be added to your account without your written confirmation.

If a Creator has accrued fees associated with a project, 100% of the royalties will go towards satisfying that amount. Then, once the amount is fulfilled, the Creator will receive at least 60% of all royalties associated with their project.

This model allows HiveMind to provide its services and experience to those who need it, still be true in its aim of ensuring a majority return to its Creators, and facilitate a platform for economic independence for future work. 



You’re just happy to be here. 

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You’re an artist, writer, or creative visionary. 

As a Creator you’ll be working closely with HiveMind to achieve the best outcomes for your projects. We work with you to complete your project(s) and ways to develop them across multiple medias.


You’re the kind-hearted donor who makes this all happen.

As Patron of the Arts you will be able to contribute small regular donations or a one-off contribution to a Creator you align with. You’ll have a front-seat to their progress and unlock a whole range of fun perks associated with your generosity. 



We understand how hard it is to complete a large scale creative project. HiveMind provides Creators with the accountability required to keep attention on their projects, no matter how hard life tries to get in the way. We make sure that you value the process and are always fairly represented throughout.


HiveMind provides multiple avenues to encourage the commercial independence of our Creators. Through our Patron service, MarketPlace, and CrowdFunding (BroodFunding) options, we can facilitate the funding necessary to invest into your creativity. 


HiveMind is able to provide a fully comprehensive service for your print publication. We’re able to work with you at any stage of your manuscripts development, proof reading, editing, typesetting, cover design, and distribution. 


We are always looking to develop Creator’s content into different medias. Our services are able to facilitate the planning, recording, editing, post-production, and formatting of audiobooks to meet all quality standards of Audible, the leading hosting platform for audiobooks in the world. 


One of the best ways to communicate with your audience in the world of new-media is through a podcast. HiveMind are able to assist with the planning, development, recording, editing, post-production, hosting on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, and other leading platforms.