Creative Accountability

Creativity is not always the action of putting things on paper. It is a purposeful and intentional process of holistic engagement toward nourishing your creative energy. The HiveMind Creative Accountability program is designed to provide you with creative practices that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

We believe that being creative is a holistic approach to all of our engagements and consumptions. Let us help you negotiate the demands that pull you away from creativity and work to establish a more creative lifestyle. You’ll get access to our voice and text channels in our Creative Community for you to network with other creators.

Creative Accountability PLUS

PLUS members will get access to an additional video for each subject that goes into further detail on the specifics of an application to creative projects or in further detail on a singular concept.

This series is designed to help you kick-start your creative momentum and complete whatever project is on your plate. ​You’ll also get elevated accesses in our community Discord server, as-well-as exclusive event opportunities and news. 

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Episodes Include:

Introduction to Creative Accountability

Blake will take you through this series designed to stimulate creativity in your lifestyle and establish the foundation for you to complete any creative project you begin. 

How to get started - RIGHT NOW!

The secret with art, is to start. Without thinking too much about the outcome, just start writing. Take that plan that has circled in your head for months *cough, years, cough* and start writing anything. We show you how to break through that wall and establish the foundation for your creative lifestyle. 

Establishing creative habits & behaviours

The long-term consistency of creative habits is entirely dependent on the diligence that is practiced in the first 6 months of its introduction. We look at how ‘life’ and its everyday stresses pull us away from creativity and how to set a clear mindset from the very beginning. 

HiveMind Creative Community

The HiveMind Creative Community is a blossoming digital environment of respectful creatives engaging with one another’s project or creative missions. The community is designed to offer support during what is otherwise an isolating process. It is also a great way for creatives to network and collaborate multiple strengths into a singular project. 

The importance of 'the fourth week' in building habits

For HiveMind ‘the fourth week’ refers to the period of establish a new habit where you just don’t want to continue anymore. You may have told everyone about your project to the point where they don’t want to hear about it anymore until they can actually read the final product. Maybe your goal setting and planning was a little too ambitious – (just like Blake) – and life pulled you away more than you were expecting over the past four week. That’s ok! We help you to adjust your plan and continue beyond short-term motivation and into long-term discipline. 

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How to self-reflect with honesty and adjust your goals

Creativity is often an isolating process. The nature of being self-managed implies you must also be self-evaluative. This can present the risk of letting ourselves either inflate our expectations for output and over punish ourselves for failing to meet those expectations. Life is different for all of us, so it’s important to create an engagement routine that fits within the demands of your life. Reflecting with honesty lets us adjust our expectations and meet them more often, which ultimately generates a greater clarity for the creative project. 

Don't look back; it's only a draft

Now that you’ve started, do not stop. Complete the project in its entirety; cover to cover; no stopping. Of course, you can stand up to have meals and engage with your loved ones (only if necessary), but the idea is to not get bogged down in the over editing that can accompany nervous writers. We breakdown our ‘phase approach’ to developing your idea into a manuscript. 

How to set micro-goals during delayed gratification projects

There will come a point where you ‘simply cannot’. It’s common and it’s preventable. At HiveMind we show you how maintain an attitude of ‘simply can’ by using individualised micro-rewards. It’s important that, in the process of self-management, you want yourself to succeed, be happy, and do well in life outside of creativity too. This is the time to ‘treat yo self’, but in moderation and as a result of achieving a clear progression with your work. 

Remember your 'why' : What is your creative mission?

Why do you create? The project you are currently working on, whatever it may be, is just an episode in your creative mission. We believe it’s important to remember your ‘why’ during the depths of any creative project so you keep your overarching mission at the forefront of your focus. 

Kill 'the starving artist' : Self-valuing and commercialisation

HiveMind Press believes the creative industry is changing rapidly. There is quickly becoming little reason for creatives to have to sacrifice their efforts for ‘exposure’. We know this is sometimes a difficult barrier to overcome within yourself, especially when you’re starting out. We help you negotiate the opportunities available and help you determine what might be most appropriate to your mission and brand.