The Idea

We want to foster positive community relationships and help people complete their creative goals. Whether that is the long road of trade publishing or the freedom of independent publishing, we want to help.

The creative process can be an isolating and lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be. At HiveMind we believe that independent authors should have creative control over the outcomes of their projects. They should get a majority of the profits for the creation of their work. There should be no minimums for printing. And copyright should always remain with the creator. 

The Company

HiveMind Press is a community-centric supported self-publisher with creative development services. Our Creative Community helps writers stay engaged with creativity and maintain the consistency necessary to complete their projects. We provide high-quality publishing services to independent authors, as-well-as optional support with post-publishing sales and distribution. 

Our focus is to provide the support and direction necessary for creators to complete their projects and accelerate their creative mission. 

The Community

We are all united in the creative process. Above the content, genre, or medium of the creative product – we all share a passion for creation and expression. There should be a greater sense of collaboration in the arts than competition. When an independent author with HiveMind experiences success on their journey we are all inclined to share, support, and rave – because success shared is a compounding phenomenon. 

Similarly with the struggles of the creative process that can be experienced in random episodes throughout. By sharing these perceived ‘lulls’ with a close group of like-minds can help to talk them out and break them down into manageable steps to progress back into a productive groove.  

The People

Our people are passionate creative minds who are dedicated to helping others navigate their creative journey, whatever it may be. We are spread all over the world, but we’re only ever a few clicks away. 

Blake Innes

Blake started HiveMind Press to help writers navigate the creative process towards publication. He is passionate about helping others with their creative mission and bringing their vision to life. Blake has been an independent creative for over 10 years and understands the challenges of this often isolating journey. He hopes that whatever stage in your creative journey, you’re here to learn and help others celebrate our shared success.

Peter Cappechi

Peter is a lifelong creator and producer with a love for collaboration. With professional experience in the audio/video world for over a decade, Peter knows how to spark creativity and manage creative projects. Working on everything from low budget independent films to billboard topping albums, he has learned how to navigate all creative environments and is excited to share that knowledge with you.

Farah Zainab

Farah is an International Visual & UX Designer with 7+ years Experience of working with 20+ countries in 6+ languages. She has worked over 500+ Editorial/Visual & UX designs. She has a quirky approach to bring any visualization of design to life by using her versatile design methods

The Process

The process is what you make it with HiveMind. We talk a lot about your ‘creative mission’ and your individual ‘metrics for success’, two very unique factors to your journey. When you are engaged in the Creative Community you are capable to using it in any way you can imagine increasing your skills or add strength to your project. 

When you publish with HiveMind you take on the position of more of a reviewer, making critical decisions on the design work we are producing for you. There are likely re-writes and some work to do on your part, so I won’t go as far to say that it will be easy, but we will certainly make it as comfortable as possible – giving you the support you need to achieve your creative goals, whatever they may be.

If you choose to sell your published title with HiveMind, we’ll receive 30% of the NET profit for managing the marketing, sale, and distribution of the title. That means you’ll receive 70% of the NET profits which will be automatically deposited into your account 90-days from the point of sale. 

Of course, these are all optional. If you want to just engage in our creative community because your vision is set on a blockbuster publishing deal with Random Penguin, we’re here to support you. If you want to use our publishing services, but market and sell on your own, more power to you!

Whatever your creative mission; HiveMind Press is here for you.